Plastic Cage Wash Rack

Stainless Steel Wash Rack with fixed baskets and adjustable holddown bars can be used for all size plastic cages or other items

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Comfort Cage Wash Rack

Wash any Type of Comfort Cage with this versatile rack

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Pan Wash Cart

Stainless Steel Pan Wash Rack holds pans and floors vertical for good spray coverage and drainage

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Autoclave Cart

Stainless Steel Autoclave Cart with adjustable shelf(ves)

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Bulk Cart

Heavy Duty Cart great for bedding and feed. Has optional front panel

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Pan Transport Cart

Transports clean or dirty pans in a horizontal position to and from wash rack

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Utility Carts

Utility Carts come in two and three shelve models

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Autoclave Covers

Custom Autoclave Covers come wth zippers or velcro fasteners

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