Model HFTC244836
Model HFTC244836
HEPA Filtered Transports have a removable shelf to support small animal transport boxes. Remove the shelf and transport large animals as well. The Air Sentry HEPA filter unit is battery powered to keep containment when moving from place to place. Unit has a built in waste pan with drain.
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    Mobile Unit with Battery Power


    Interior Dimensions are 24"W x 48"L  x 36"H


    Barn Doors on Side and End Doors


    Negative HEPA Blower with Prefilter


    Can be Coupled to House Exhaust System


    Removable Interior Shelf can hold Small Animal Transports Cages


    Remove Shelf and Transport Large Sheep, Dog or Swine


    Removable Floor and Excreta Pan


    Four Stainless Steel Castor rigs, with 5” x 1-1/4” Kryptonic Wheels and Precision Stainless Steel Bearings in the Axle and Raceway. All Have Zerks and Two have "Total Lock" Brakes Which Lock the Swivel and Axle Simultaneously


    Other Sizes  and Configurations are Available


    Lenderking Caging HEPA filtered transport with removable shelf


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