HYGIEIA Ventilated Caging

Ventilated Caging with 21 Day Cage Interval. "Flow Thru Bedding" lowers cage ammonia to protect you and your mice

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Bedding Free Suspended Mouse Cages

Bedding Free Cages are great for replacing old wire cages

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Hamster Bedding Free Caging

Bedding Free Hamster Cage

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Stainless Steel Mouse Caging

Traditional wire bottom cages are suspended under a shelf over group waste pans

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Solid Bottom Suspended Mice Cages

Traditional solid bottom cages are suspended under a perforated shelf and eliminates wire lids

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Mouse Exposure Cages

Cages hold individual mice for various exposure studies

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Metabolic Mouse Cages

High pitched funnel and solid waste separator screen ensures efficient urine collection

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