Each Style of Rabbit Cage Can Be Converted to House Ferrets


 To Convert a Rabbit Cage to House Ferrets, We will:


        Install smaller autowater system grommet, if installed


       Place baffle in the feeder to prevent escapes


       Add perimeter guarding around side of doors


       Add individual perforated sheet metal ceiling panel on each row


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Double Wide Comfort Cage for Rabbits

Our most popular cage. High temperature plastic cages are warm and quiet. Sliding socializing divider is the easiest to use in the industry. Cage can be made into a ferret cage

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Sngle Comfort Cage for Rabbits

Single high temperature plastic cages are warm and quiet and useful when no socialization is needed

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Comfort Cage Metabolic Rabbit Cage

High pitched funnel and solid waste screen ensures efficient urine collection

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Stainless Steel Rabbit Cages

Great for repeated autoclave cycles. Virtually industructible. Sliding divider alllows for easy socialization

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Nesting Box with S.S. Lid

Removable stainless steel lid. Large grommeted opening

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Bio-Containment for Rabbits and Ferrets

Can be hooked to house exhaust or used with the Air Sentry filter blower

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