Model CA242426-4
Model CA242426-4
Stainless Steel Cat Cages are very durable. Each cage can be removed from the rack with its own excreta pan.Two more cages can be placed on top the rack. Optional resting shelves and litter pans are available.
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    Model CA242626-4 is a 4 Compartment Cage with a

    Individual Removable Cages


    Interior has 4.2 Sq. Ft. of Floor Space in each Compartment and 26" Interior Height


    Excreta Pans Remain with Cage When Removed

    From Rack


    1" Square Tube Framing Welded Water Tight


    Rotating Food and Water Bowl


    Four Stainless Steel Castor rigs, with 5” x 1-1/4” Kryptonic Wheels and Precision Stainless Steel Bearings in the Axle and Raceway. All Have Zerks and Two have "Total Lock" Brakes Which Lock the Swivel and Axle Simultaneously


    Solid Bottom Cages


    Other Interior Heights


    Bottle or  AutoWatering


    Removable FlipUp Resting Boards


    Litter Boxes


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