Founded in 1867, Lenderking is America's Oldest Caging Company. We are committed to providing you with the best value in research animal housing.

If it is not on this website, don't worry. We Can Build It!



Our design approach is simple - design cages that promote natural animal behaviors while making them user friendly and durable



Lenderking holds various patents on cage designs. Many of the features you find on your cages were designed by Lenderking and now have become common place on others cages



We continue to advance animal welfare. Our HYGIEIA ventilated rodent cage not only creates an ammonia free environment but saves labor and energy with a 21 Day Cage Change



Making Things in "Merica" Before Making Things in America was Cool

We use only American Made Materials and Labor.

Our All American Ideas have been Leading the Industry since the last century.


Celebrating150 Years


Lenderking Caging Products

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